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Preachers across America are coming to realize that their congregations are part of a visual culture, raised in a society inundated by electronic images. Thus, today's listeners respond best to word pictures. The old three-point sermon format (introduction, explanation, and exhortation) is no longer adequate for a visual generation. Like Jesus, preachers must become storytellers to invite listeners into the Word of God.

But to weave story and the scriptural word together, to have one unfold the other, is an art. Some come by it naturally. Others can learn it. Here Father Bausch shows how it is done by combining his preaching experience and extensive storytelling research to create this unique preaching resource.

Storytelling the Word contains 42 homilies, and throughout the text it weaves 130 stories - humorous, poignant, and filled with human interest. An appendix correlates the homilies in this volume, as well as those from Father Bausch's other homily books, to specific liturgical seasons and the lectionary readings.

"An uncommonly useful wedding of realistic recommendations and anecdotal homilies. A storehouse of stories woven into the liturgical readings and grafted onto the everyday experience of today's Christians." -Walter J. Burghardt, S.J., Author, Preaching the Just Word

"Bill Bausch amazes me! He is a prolific writer and yet, every- thing he turns out is first class. This time, he turns to homily writing. He provides a solid theoretical base to a storytelling approach and remains real, honest and practical." -Rev. Frank J. McNulty, Pastor, Author of Preaching Better

Highly recommended. He has often gotten my own juices flowing. Includes an index by lectionary readings of all of his previous books.

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