HAPPINESS IS AN INSIDE JOB by John Powell, SJ ($12.95)*

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About the Book: At the very beginning, the author tells us of his assumptions. The first is that happiness is within the reach of all. However, the direction of our reach must be inward, not outward. We must all accept full responsibility for our own happiness. To seek happiness from other persons or from things is to move in the wrong direction. Likewise, turning over to another the power to produce our happiness never works. The only successful formula is always the same: H = U (Happiness is an Inside Job).

The second assumption of the author is that happiness is a by-product. Like most good things, true happiness comes only as a result of other lifelong pursuits. This is the paradox of happiness. "No pain, no gain." John Powell describes for us the ten practices that he sees as necessary if we are to be successful in our quest for happiness.

Each of these practices is clearly described, and is then followed by self-testing exercises for processing. The program will work only if we do.

About the Author: John Powell, S.J., is a professor at Loyola University in Chicago. He is a popular lecturer, teacher, and best-selling author. In this insightful book, he offers a fresh and clear approach to our universal pursuit of human happiness.

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