FULLY HUMAN, FULLY ALIVE by John Powell ($12.95)*

TM: 0-88347-321-6

Subtitled: A New Life Through a New Vision.

About the Book: In Fully Human, Fully Alive, best-selling author John Powell introduces his theory of "vision therapy," a simple yet effective system for successful personal growth. With his characteristic warmth and insight, Powell explains how our expectations, reactions, and emotions are determined by our "visions" or perceptions of ourselves, other people, life, and the world. He shows how negative responses are caused by unrealistic ideas and interpretations and suggests that in order to fully enjoy life, we must learn to identify and correct the distortions in our thinking. Powell offers helpful exercises and techniques for modifying our faulty perceptions, removing the barriers to happiness, and becoming "fully alive."

About the Author: John Powell, SJ., is a professor at Loyola University in Chicago. He is a popular lecturer, teacher, and best-selling author who effectively brings together psychology and religion in a unified approach to personal growth and spiritual development. His insights into personal relationships have been presented on television and in his many popular books.

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