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Subtitled: Love Without Limits.

About the Book: John Powell believes that unconditional love is a life wager, a permanent gift of the heart. It is the way God loves us. It is the only way we can love one another. This gift says simply: I want to share with you whatever I have that is good. Somewhere in the world there may be someone who is "better" for you or for me. This is not the point. The point is that I have chosen to give you my gift of love and you have chosen to love me. That is the only soil in which love can grow. "We're gonna make it together!"

Unconditional Love means that I cannot always predict my reaction or guarantee my strength, but one thing is certain: I am committed to your growth and happiness. I will always accept you. I will always love you.

About the Author: John Powell, SJ., is a professor at Loyola University in Chicago. He is a popular lecturer, teacher, and best-selling author who effectively brings together psychology and religion in a unified approach to personal growth and spiritual development. His insights into personal relationships have been presented on television and in his many popular books.

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