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Subtitled: Loving Relationships through Communication.

About the Book: The secret of staying in love is communicion. Indeed, our greatest gift to each other is a gift of self through the honest sharing of feelings and emotions. A growing relationship requires commitment to that open and genuine expression which can occur only in a climate of love. And, more than simply a feeling, love is a decision-commitment, made forever and unconditionally.

John Powell explores the fundamental prerequisite to personal sharing: a joyful and genuine acceptance of self. He also shows us how an awareness of our feelings can tell us a great deal about ourselves. The book's final chapter includes some practical exercises that may be used to deepen communication and sharing.

About the Author: John Powell, SJ., is a professor at Loyola University in Chicago. He is a popular lecturer, teacher, and best-selling author who effectively brings together psychology and religion in a unified approach to personal growth and spiritual development. His insights into personal relationships have been presented on television and in his many popular books.

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