WAY OF THE WOLF by Martin Bell +

RH: 0-345-30522-1

Subtitled: The Gospel In New Images: Stories, poems, songs and thoughts on the parables of Jesus.

Intriguing tales, timeless poetry, enchanting songs... Beguiling characters like Barrington Bunny...Joggi, the porcupine...Lena, the witch...Joshua, the boy who has lost his magic...and the great silver wolf - majestic, ever-present, mysterious...A book that will inspire you to consider and celebrate such things as love, forgiveness, acceptance, salvation and commitment.

"Martin Bell's book is a collection of stories, songs, poems...sermons all thrown at us with nothing to hold them together but his passionate love of God, God who is like the silver wolf of the book's title, who is with us, who cares." - Madeleine L'Engle Contents:

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