SEEDS FOR THE SOUL (Sunday Homilies for Year C) by Brendan McGuire 15.95*

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People today are starving for spiritual nourishment. They search for God in the most unusual places, in money, material goods, power, and sex to mention but a few. Their search requires an interior journey into their own hearts where God alone will speak to them. Unfortunately few have any real experience of this gift from God and as a result live partial lives.

It is the hope of the author that this book will show the reader that God is already in their world and they need to look again at the world they live in and recognise his presence. Brendan McGuire hopes to break open the Word of God in a unique way, enabling preachers and priests to bring the Gospel into conversation with the lives of ordinary people through the use of stories. It is the intention of this book to feed the souls of many who never get to the Table of the Lord on Sundays.

Each one of the homilies was delivered in Fr Brendan's parish and as such they are not theoretical, but practical in application. The focus of the book is God's redeeming love and our response to his love in concrete ways in the ordinary lives of ordinary people.

Author Biography

Brendan McGuire was born and raised in Bray, Co Wicklow. He emigrated to the USA in 1989 and has lived there since. A graduate of Trinity College Dublin in Electronic Engineering and a post-graduate of the Computer Science Department, he worked for five years in the high technology industry before being ordained in May 2000. He is now Associate Pastor at St Lawrence the Martyr parish in Santa Clara, California. He was Executive Director of PCMCIA, an international trade association based in Silicon Valley and was recognised for his work in bringing together technology competitors to cooperate with one another for the good of the market.

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