I LOVE TO TELL THE STORY by Jeffrey Maison ($15)

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CHL: 0-82721617-3

"Everything you have always wanted in a sourcebook on children's sermons--a collection of time-tested, traditional stories, coordinated with solid exegetical insights. We highly recommend it for any pastor or religious teacher who works with children." - Dennis E. Smith and Barbara McBride-Smith, Phillips Theological Seminary

Because children are not merely miniature grown-ups, the children's sermon should not be merely a condensation of the regular sermon with a simpler vocabulary. It should deliver the good news in words and ways children can grasp and embrace--and storytelling is the natural medium.

This lively and useful book is built around twenty story-sermons that will make the "children's moment" in the worship service more meaningful for both the children and adults in the congregation.

Maison examines theories of how children learn, presents methods for constructing a children's sermon, and shows how pastors can create and deliver their own story-sermons.

JEFFREY L. MAISON is associate minister for youth and family ministries at First Christian Church, Newton, Iowa.

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