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Includes complete lesson plans for each Sunday of the year, as well as feasts that may fall on a Sunday.

"This book is for those who believe God's Word speaks to everyone, even children.

"It is for parents who wish to help their children understand the Sunday readings better.

"It is for CCD programs which want to provide an alternative or supplement to Mass attendance for their children.

"It is for parishes which want to help children understand God's Word by participating in their own Liturgy of the Word before joining their families for the Liturgy of the Eucharist.

For children, the opening half of the Mass can be very difficult to follow. There are many words spoken, during which they're expected to sit still and be quiet, and there is little drama or sensory involvement. By taking them aside during this part of the Mass, negative feelings they might have about church can be changed to eager participation. The ultimate objective is not to provide a substitute for the Mass but to help the children mature so that the Mass is more meaningful for them. By the time they make their First Communion, they will be ready to participate in the entire Mass with Understanding.

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