ADULT CHRIST AT CHRISTMAS by Raymond Brown ($7.95)*

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The infancy narratives in Matthew and Luke represent a developed christology proclaimed through a reflection on the origin of Jesus. According to Father Brown these appealing stories of Jesus' birth and early life are the entire gospel story in miniature. The story of Jesus starts with the story of Israel. The infancy narratives are capsule summaries of the Old Testament and presuppose it as background. Thus they serve as a bridge between God's saving work in Israel and the fullness of the good news in Christ.

In popular form An Adult Christ at Christmas samples succinctly the method and conclusions of Ray Brown in his longer (750 pages) and more scholarly The Birth of the Messiah (Doubleday 1977; new, larger edition, 1993). It can be used effectively as an introduction for study clubs and adult education courses, especially where the leader has worked through the longer work. It will be helpful for the clergy and other teachers at Christmas by giving examples of how the infancy stories might be presented and preached. The fruits of modern scientific approach to the infancy narratives, here presented in simple format, are intended for a wide-ranging audience in search of inspiration for their spiritual life and for the celebration of the feast of Christmas.


INTRODUCTION: On Putting an Adult Christ Back into Christmas



Part I (2:1-21):

Part II (2:22-40): The Presentation of Jesus in the Temple

THE THIRD CHRISTMAS STORY (Luke 2:41-52): The Finding of the Boy Jesus in the Temple

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