WHERE WONDERS PREVAIL by Joan Wester Anderson ($21)

BB: 0-345-39731-2

When we risk doing it God's way, something happens. We begin to see little signs all around us, tender coincidences, good decisions magnified, sees growing in abundance...It is then that we are filled with awe at the wonder of it all, the doors that will be opened to our knock, the marvels we shall seek and find because we have decided - at last - to say "Yes!" it is then that we glimpse heaven and understand its everlasting truth, that in this world of change and darkness, we have nothing to fear...

Years ago we might have assumed that miracles were possible, but surely not for ordinary folks like us. Today we are learning that such a philosophy is too limited. God has not abandoned His people. He continues to call us - with little signs or awesome wonders - every day of our lives.

In Where Wonders Prevail, the author gathers dozens of true stories that tell of safe passage through the very heart of trouble and danger. The missionary priest in the Nicaraguan jungle whose life was saved by the prayer of friends in Michigan. The New York City cop who went about his dangerous work protected by heavenly bodyguards. Teenaged best friends whose closeness not even death could erase. The lonely Seattle man whose life was transformed by a mysterious little messenger. Another young man who was literally wrapped in angel wings on a Georgia highway. And the author's own sign from heaven, growing on her front lawn.

In Joan Wester Anderson's simple and moving narrative, we find many such glimpses of heaven - wondrous rescues and answers to prayer, visions of life hereafter, and inspirational healings. It reminds us that God is always near, every step of our way.

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