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Discover down-to-earth angels in this joyous celebration of the miracle of kindness.

If you could thank one person who made a positive difference in your life, who would it be? In Earth Angels, authors Jerry and Lorin Biederman bring us an inspiring collection of true stories about the angels in our midst who have earned their wings - the ordinary people who have made an extraordinary impact in someone's life.

With moving tributes from people who have been touched by an angel just when they needed it most, these heartfelt accounts show that good deeds come in many forms - from life-saving acts to spontaneous gestures of kindness - and that Earth Angels are all around us.

Carol, a teacher, thanks her first college professor whose encouragement inspired a shy and insecure student to pursue her education. Sheila, a secretary, recalls a stranger whose kind words helped her bravely endure the one-year anniversary of her husband's death and whose words continue to comfort her to this day. Joe, a reporter, reflects on the love and support he and his sister received from a foster parent who rescued them from a shelter and cared for them for five years. Pauline, a naturalist, who as a child had polio and meningitis, was determined to walk again when a famous explorer described all the wonderful places in the world that she could go.

These heartwarming stories of teachers, coaches, heroes, friends, family and even strangers from all over the country are sure to bring a smile and sometimes a few tears. This uplifing book will make you think about that special someone who became your Earth Angel.

"An Earth Angel can be a teacher who believe in you, a truck driver who stops to change your flat tire, a hero who runs into a burning building to save a child's life, or someone who simply holds a door open so it doesn't slam in your face. An Earth Angel is the family member whom you've known all of your life, or the stranger who sits next to you on a bus bench for a few minutes. Every day you are surrounded by Earth Angels - by ordinary people who have earned their wings. If you choose to open your eyes, you will see them everywhere. We invite you to look at your world in a different way, and perhaps reflected in the eyes of your Earth Angels, you'll see colors you've never seen before." - from the Introduction.

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