ANGELS WE HAVE HEARD ON HIGH by Joan Wester Anderson ($13)

BB: 0-345-41203-6

Hardcover. In this beautiful book, New York Times bestselling author Joan Wester Anderson gathers together inspiring true stories of the blessings we receive when we least expect them--a joyful reminder of the timeless power of miracles.

Prayers from people far away bring a long-lost son home. The music of Christmas transforms an irritable Santa Claus line at a mall. A cross glows without electricity in a message of hope, and an angel warms a freezing child. All these and other wonderful stories reveal that when we have faith, we can find ourselves unexpectedly blessed, every day of the year.

One bitter night, Nancy awakened and lay in the dark. She had curled into a little ball, trying to keep as warm as possible, but it wasn't working. She felt numb, as if she had turned to ice. Nancy tried to pull the blanket up to her chin. But her arms were stiff, and they wouldn't work! Suddenly the room began to glow. Brighter and brighter. What was happening? Nancy rubbed her eyes in wonder. Here, right in front of her, stood a beautiful angel. Tenderly, the angel smiled at her. Then she bent over, gently picked up Nancy's blanket, and pulled it up to the girl's chin. Nancy felt a burst of warmth, safety, and love. Instantly, the freezing room seemed filled with sunshine.

Joan Wester Anderson is the bestselling author of Where Wonders Prevail, Where Angels Walk and Where Miracles Happen. Her work, totaling eleven books and more than a thousand articles and stories, has also been published in newspapers and in such magazines as Reader's Digest, Modern Bride, and Woman's Day. The author has appeared on Oprah, Good Morning America, NBC Nightly News, and many other national and local shows. She and her husband live in a Chicago suburb. They have five grown children and one grandchild.

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