PRAYING OUR GOODBYES by Joyce Rupp, OSM ($11.95)+

BB: 0-8041-1060-3

Letting go of what we cherish is one of the hardest things we ever have to do. And that includes letting go of jobs, homes, relationships, good health, illusions, self-importance, and even loved ones. But unless we learn to say goodbye as well as hello, we are crippled by our suffering.

This tender and realistic book can be your personal guide to accepting our inevitable goodbyes even as it reminds us that when we are suffering most deeply, the seed of hope still lives within us. Discover the emotions that goodbyes awaken and turn to the twenty-four specific prayers designed to help you deal with nearly every imaginable kind of loss.

PRAYING OUR GOODBYES should not be kept for special occasions, however, for its poetic wisdom offers the means of enriching every day, of saying hello and goodbye to every precious moment of life.

Deep down we know that all is on loan to us. Accidents happen, disease spreads, storms come, aging continues, jobs terminate, mistakes occur. We go to bed one evening feeling good about life and ourselves. We awake in the morning and during the course of that day our world can be turned upside down by news of the death of a loved one, or an unexpected rift in a friendship, or the loss of a priceless possession, or a doctor's prognosis, or an unexpected financial decision.

For the one who believes that all is on loan, this is to be expected. Not that this expectation cripples the spirit of joy. Just the opposite is true; the present moment is treasured and enjoyed all the more because it is so precious and so fleeting ....

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