SMALL MIRACLES by Tom Sheridan ($15)

ZON: 0-310-20793-2

If you had seen these words in a notice, would you have responded? "Do you have a story to tell of an unusual event in which you knew--you knew--that God had singled you out and touched your life?"

Nearly two thousand people across the country did respond--ordinary people who had encountered the extraordinary. Their stories included miracles of healing, miracles of answered prayer, and miracles of God's presence and of his angels'.., battlefield miracles and miracles in the midst of disaster...miracles of the lost and found.

Small Miracles is a collection of over eighty of these inspiring accounts--tales true to life and truly life-changing. Like the contributors who experienced firsthand God's astonishing, personal touch, you'll see the miraculous revealed in simple splendor--and discover new heights of trust, praise, thanks, and joy.


Author's Preface: Real People, Real Stories

Tom Sheridan is a member of the editorial board and columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times and a believer in miracles. The author of The Gift of Godparents, Tom lives in the Chicago area.
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