SMALL MIRACLES II by Halberstam and Leventhal ($9)

ADAMS: 1-58062-047-7

Have you ever experienced a moment when a seemingly random event also seemed strangely meaningful, or even miraculous? Whether it was as simple as anticipating a phone call, or as dramatic as rekindling a lost love, what you experienced may be more significant than you thought. It may be nothing less than a small miracle--possibly the work of angels, or a message from a higher power.

Small Miracles is a collection of over sixty-five such stories that are-moving, heartwarming, and inspirational. These remarkable coincidences--often containing profound teachings, important moral lessons, and even divine messages--draw us out of the ordinariness of everyday life. If you can open yourself to receiving and understanding the meaning of these gifts, you will experience the possibilities, the blessings, and the sense of harmony with the universe that they offer. By Yitta Halberstam and Judith Leventhal.

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