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Written as a partial antidote to the isolation and potential alienation of people living in a world that is moving too fast, Companions in Hope adapts insights gleaned from the pastoral counseling profession to help everyday people hone and heighten gifts that can help them reach out to others in a more Christian and transformational form of caring. The authors offer concrete means to help readers enhance their talents in the areas of listening, being supportive, problem solving, dealing with crises and knowing when and how to refer in order to equip them as they seek to offer care to others in daily encounters. "Companions in Hope is a sensitive, well-thought-out, and practical guide [on] how to care for others...a reminder that what makes Christians unique is their perspective about the individual and the place and purpose of spirituality." Dr. W. L. Parrish II, Executive Minister of the American Baptist Churches of the South

"...honors the essential role ordinary Christians play in providing emotional care to one another Wicks and Rodgerson show us how to offer support with greater confidence and skill, and how to maximize the spiritual possibilities in such moments...a wonderful compendium of ideas on how to listen, what to say, and when to refer." - Kathleen Fischer and Thomas Hart, Authors of Facing Discouragement

" excellent book for helping the lay person give meaningful and effective direction to Christian caring...'down-to-earth'in the way in which it gives practical guidance for people in the 'art of Christian caring.'" - Huey D. Perry, Director of the Chaplaincy Division of the Southern Baptist Convention

Robert J.Wicks specializes in the treatment and mentoring of professional helpers and "healers." He has published over 30 books, including his popular After 50 and his bestseller on the themes of ordinariness, self-esteem and friendship, Touching the Holy. He is on the faculty of Loyola College in Baltimore.

Thomas E. Rodgerson is director of the Baltimore Baptist Counseling Service. Rev. Rodgerson did his seminary training at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland and holds both a Ph.D. and a master's degree in pastoral counseling from Loyola College in Maryland. He is the author of Spirituality, Stress & You.


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