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"Are the psalms prayers?" "Some are called 'cursing psalms'--what are they doing in the Bible? .... What is a proverb?" "Where did the idea of 'the patience of Job' come from? .... Did Job really exist?" "What is the meaning of the Song of Songs?" "Isn't it shocking to find such sexy songs in the Bible?" "Is the book of Ruth history or a short story? .... Why do we now call Ecclesiastes the book of Qoheleth? .... What does 'vanity of vanities' mean?" "Isn't the book of Esther a rather bloodthirsty story? .... Why is the book of Lamentations so boring?" "What is the meaning of the handwriting on the wall in the book of Daniel?" "I've heard the words 'apocalypse' and 'apocalyptic' and wonder what do they mean?"

Many people who study the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament) diligently delve into the Torah (Law) and the Prophets. But too often "the rest of the story" the Psalms and other Writings, go untouched, untapped, or misunderstood. In this volume popular Scripture scholar and teacher Roland Murphy responds to the questions most asked about this rich biblical resource. This work is the fruit of many years of experience in the classroom and biblical workshops. There is wisdom to be mined here. Come, enter into a lively pastoral and spiritual dialogue with a master teacher, guide, and companion.

ROLAND E. MURPHY, O. CARM. is George Washington Ivey Emeritus Professor of Biblical Studies at Duke University. He holds a licentiate degree in Scripture from the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome and a doctorate in theology from the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. An effective teacher, scholar, and popular workshop presenter, Father Murphy is the author of numerous articles and books, including The Tree of Life and The Psalms Are Yours. Currently he is adjunct professor of biblical studies at the Washington Theological Union.

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