PP: 0-8091-3767-4

Living Simply in an Anxious World encourages and enables readers to discover simplicity and single-mindedness in the midst of life's turmoil. The author takes his readers on a deliberate journey, teaching them how to reflect on the way they think, asking them to see with their imaginations, prompting them to serve others and encouraging them to experience God through their emotions. In so doing, he helps readers to fashion a spirituality that responds to God's most basic call - to love. All who are seeking simplicity in this complex world will find this book to be a worthy and worthwhile companion.

Robert J. Wicks, who received his doctorate in psychology from Hahnemann Medical College in Philadelphia, specializes in the treatment and mentoring of professional helpers and "healers." He has published over 30 books,including his best-selling After 50 and Touching the Holy. Presently, he is on the faculty of Loyola College in Baltimore.

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