PREACHING THE LECTIONARY by Reginald H. Fuller ($29.95)*

LP: 978-0-8146-2792-1

Subtitled: The Word of God for the Church Today. This second edition of Dr. Fuller's rich and reliable exegesis of the readings for Sundays and holy days for the three-year cycle of the Lectionary includes feasts (St. Paul, Presentation, Assumption and others) and Scripture options for weddings and funerals. The complete index of Scripture readings permits the use of the book by all churches which share the same Lectionary: Episcopalian, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Roman Catholic, United Church of Christ and United Methodist. By Reginald H. Fuller. 650 pp.

"This new edition of Fuller's commentary on the Lectionary will be good news for preachers and liturgists alike. The substance, and merits, of the work are the same as the first edition: clear, incisive, and sane commentaries on the biblical texts with solid suggestions for the homilist. The edition is not a mere reprint; it includes some handy revisions. The commentaries themselves have been realigned to fit the exact order of the Lectionary selections and practical suggestions for homily motifs have been collected in one place." - Donald Senior, C.P., Professor of New Testament, Catholic Theological Union

"For a decade now, in workshops and lectures, I have been commending to preachers Reginald Fuller's Preaching the Lectionary. It delights me that a new edition has appeared to make the preeminent one-volume commentary even more useful. This edition guarantees that Fuller's volume will continue to be the most useful tool available in grounding expository preaching in solid biblical scholarship." - James E White, Professor of Liturgy, University of Notre Dame

"Anyone serious about preaching should welcome this revised edition of Dr. Fuller's justly acclaimed work. Incorporating the strengths of the first, the new edition underscores the importance of exegetical scholarship. Fuller succeeds in employing critical methodology to enhance rather than to diminish the authority and liveliness of the text. As we have come to expect from Reginald Fuller, his suggestions are ecumenically sensitive, liturgically informed, pastorally attuned, and always directed toward the strengthening of the community of faith." - Richard John Neuhaus, Editor, Lutheran Forum Letter & Director, The Center on Religion and Society

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