KNEELING IN BETHLEHEM (Large Print) by Ann Weems ($19.95)*

WJK: 0-664-21323-5

In a style that is contemporary, reverent, and faith-filled, Ann Weems reflects on the mystery of the Christmas season. Included in this collection are twenty-six new poems as well as popular selections from her earlier works, especially Reaching for Rainbows and Family Faith Stories. Capturing the spirit of joyful celebration, they can be used in worship services, read aloud at family gatherings, or used by individuals for quiet reflection.

In a section on Advent, she comments on the December darkness, addressing even those who snarl "Humbug!" Writing of the Christmas season, she confesses, "For those of us who believe, the whole world is decorated in love!" She sees beyond the season's festivities to the day-to-day living and asks, "If Christmas is not now, if Christ is not born into the everyday present, then what is all the noise about?"

Ann Weems leads the reader to think about the season's events in a creative and powerful way. She writes out of the conviction that "each of us awaits expectantly the birth of Christ in this place, this time. We will not give Christmas away to commercialism or to the past. For Christians the Advent is now and here."

Hardcover edition is now out of print. This is the Large Print Paperback edition.

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