WORD SERIES, THE by John Kavanaugh ($13)

ORB: 1-57075-198-6 (Cycle A)

"As long as we breathe, there is more of our lives to open, to unbar, to unlock. There is always more of us that we might let God enter. There is no end to the ways that the Word of God can more fully take on our flesh." - John Kavanaugh

In these brief but penetrating meditations on the Sunday readings from Scripture, veteran homilist John Kavanaugh leads his readers on an unforgettable journey through the heart of the

Christian gospel. Enlivened by many stories from his own life, his wide reading of literature, and his sharp insights into the contemporary world, Kavanaugh's reflections cover the whole of the

lectionary readings for each year of the lectionary cycles. In every season he provides us with spiritual food that is filling and varied.

The great theme throughout The Word series is the incarnation itself, the Word made flesh. In the encounter with the Word of God in Scripture, Kavanaugh challenges his readers to be truly open, to allow the Word to be born anew within our hearts and lives.

JOHN F. KAVANAUGH is a Jesuit priest and professor of philosophy at St. Louis University.

His books include Following Christ in a Consumer Society and Faces of Poverty, Faces of

Christ. This book is based on his column, "The Word," which appears in America magazine.

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