PREACHING CHRIST TODAY by Thomas Torrance ($12.95)

EER: 0-8028-0799-2

Subtitled: The Gospel and Scientific Thinking.

"This is vintage T. F. Torrance - a splendid entrance into the thought of one of the creative theological minds of this century. Properly focused upon the heart of the Christian gospel, Jesus Christ himself, these two lectures enable the reader to understand how the faith may be affirmed with intellectual integrity in the modern world as understood by contemporary science. A brief but highly recommended volume." - THOMAS W. GILLESPIE, Princeton Theological Seminary

The two compelling addresses that comprise this volume stress the point that great preachers of the gospel are also great teachers of Christian doctrine. In today's world, according to Thomas F. Torrance preaching must not only include a faithful presentation of the Christian gospel but also be expressed in ways that can be appreciated by modern science.

The first address, delivered to the Scottish Church Theology Society, argues for a return to "theological evangelism" - Christ-centered teaching and preaching - and shows how a faithful scientific approach to biblical interpretation can deepen such preaching.

The second address, delivered to the Theological Students' Forum at Princeton Theological Seminary, explores the conceptual interrelations between theology and science and demonstrates how our understanding of Christian doctrine, and the preaching of a gospel message grounded on the incarnation and atonement of Christ, can match today's spiritual and intellectual needs.

THOMAS F. TORRANCE was professor of Christian dogmatics at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, before his retirement in 1979. A highly respected theologian and scholar of the Now Testament, he has written many books, including The Christian Frame of Mind and The Mediation of Christ. He is co-editor of the Calvin's New Testament Commentaries series.

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