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The Ready-to-Go Game Shows series uses the attention-grabbing format of popular game shows to engage teens in learning about the Bible and Catholicism. Each set of game shows has been field tested with teens for loads of fun and learning. Plus, each show is designed for easy setup and requires minimal materials. The fun and popular game ideas in this series will help teachers, youth ministers, and parents reach the "maximum learning potential" with the young people in their lives. Just add teens, mix, and bake with high energy for a treat worth talking about!

The Bible Edition of Ready-to-Go Game Shows helps youth learn about the people, places, and stories of the Bible. Complete instructions for these games are included:

  1. Who Wants to Be a Bible Millionaire
  2. Faithful Feud
  3. Bible Jeopardy
  4. Holyword Squares
  5. The Bible Is Right
  6. The Real Fortune
  7. Bible Baseball
  8. Scriptionary

The Catholic Teachings and Practices Edition of Ready-to-Go Game Shows is a great way for teens to learn about the history, teachings, and rituals of Catholicism. Complete instructions for these eight games are included:

  1. Who Wants to Be a Catholic Millionaire
  2. Faithful Feud
  3. Catholic Jeopardy
  4. Holy, Holy, Holy Squares
  5. The Church Is Right
  6. The Real Fortune
  7. Grace Ball
  8. Catholic Pictionary
Available in these two editions. Please indicate your preference when ordering. If ordering both editions, the price will be adjusted upon receipt of your order but will not be reflected on your program-generated receipt. Prices are as follows:
  1. Bible Edition: $13.95 (list: $19.95)(#689-7)
  2. Catholic Teachings Edition: $13.95 (list: $19.95)(#757-5)
  3. Both Editions: $26.95 (list: $39.90)

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