ON THE ROAD TO PERFECTION, Christian Humility in Modern Society ($9.95)

NCP: 1-56548-035-X

On the Road to Perfection is the perfect book for committed Christians, no matter what their work in life may be. George Maloney, a noted expert in Christian spirituality, follows his own expertise and the psychology of Carl Jung to help correct the false image of the de-humanizing (and often un-Christian) humility taught in the past. His is a compelling answer to our culture, where self-sufficiency and pride are often factors that break down true love in our families as well as our society. We desperately need to rediscover true, Christian humility. "True humility allows us to recognize our own radical predestination to become participators of God's very own nature," Maloney writes. His vision gives us a very modern, intimate and contemplative understanding of this foundation of all virtues.
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