LP: 0-8146-7918-8

Schola Cantorum of St. Peter's-in-the-Loop Church, Chicago, J. Michael Thompson, Director
The Roman Lectionary reform of 1969 called for a restoration of the "Great Fifty Days" of celebration between Easter and Pentecost.

Music for Easter II serves as a resource for music liturgists in search of chant, hymns, and anthems for the season. If offers a time-honored treasury of old selections as well as new creations of variety and richness. The plainchant and the Renaissance motets recorded here express the rich patrimony of the Western Church. The newer music selections reflect the strivings of the Church for good contemporary music to enhance today's celebration.

Selections are:

  • Christ the Lord Is Risen Today
  • Blessed Be the God and Father

  • Isti sunt agni novelli

  • Everyone Begotten of God

  • Although the Doors Were Closed

  • He Rose!

  • Christ, the Source of Our Redemption

  • Mane nobiscum, Domine

  • Christ Is an Offering for Our Sins

  • Alleluia! Cognoverunt discipuli

  • The Lord's My Shepherd

  • Paschal Lamb Who Suffered for Us

  • Ego sum pastor ovium

  • We Are God's Children Now

  • The Stone Which the Builders Rejected

  • Thine Is the Glory

  • You Gave Us Life

  • Populum acquisitiones

  • Let Us Love in Deed and Truth

  • Vidi civitatem sanctem

  • Shumayela

  • Cum venerit Paraclitus

  • Let Us Love One Another

  • He That Hath My Commandments

  • Within an Upper Room

  • Ego sum Alpha et Omega

  • We Have Come to Know
  • Available on cassette only.

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