MESSAGE, THE: BOOKS OF MOSES by Eugene Peterson ($23)*

NAV: 1-57683-196-5

Many people are intrigued, yet baffled, by the first five books of the Old Testament. The mysterious stories and concepts—long life spans, complicated family trees, a global flood, the burning bush, plagues of locusts—may at times seem outlandish, exaggerated, perhaps even impossible.

Some may wonder how these accounts, along with the meticulous rules and laws laid out by God, apply to our modern culture. Yet the combination of these fascinating stories and God’s commandments forms the foundation of our society today.

Eugene Peterson invites us to view our history up close and personal. In The Message: Old Testament Books of Moses, you will experience firsthand the trials and tribulations of humankind.

Delve into the Genesis stories of Adam and Eve, Noah’s ark, Abraham, and others for a view of God dealing with man’s sinning and suffering. Follow the powerful drama of the Exodus, as God uses Moses to lead the children of Israel out of Egypt and oppression. Take a time-out from the stories and see how the instructions in Leviticus cultivate attentiveness to God. Explore the book of Numbers to witness the challenges of growing up and getting along with each other as a community. Finally, join Moses in the book of Deuteronomy for his stirring, emotionally charged sermon complete with the formula for leading a holy life.

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