NEW TESTAMENT WORDS by William Barclay ($24.95)*

WJK: 0-664-24761-X

By William Barclay. "Excellent studies of the meanings of sixty key Greek words used in the New Testament. For laymen (and as an example) for scholars." - Christianity Today

"A useful volume for anyone's study as it traces English words to their earlier Greek meanings. Should be in church libraries and available for study groups."-The Review of Books and Religion

"The volume represents 'an attempt to take certain great NT words and to find out what these words meant to the writers of the NT and to those who read and heard their message for the first time. To do that means seeking to trace the meaning of these words in classical Greek, in the Septuagint, where they occur there, in Hellenistic Greek and in the papyri.' It includes all the words (nearly 70) originally explained in the author's A New Testament Wordbook and More New Testament Words. The index provides access, by both Greek and English, to every mention of these 70-odd words in Barclay's 17-volume Daily Study Bible." -New Testament Abstracts

"Anyone attempting a series of expository sermons on great New Testament words should find much valuable material in these studies."-Church Management: The Clergy Journal

"[Lends] itself to handy use as a companion to [Barclay's The Daily Study Bible series] and as such should be wel- comed by Barclay fans everywhere." - Review and Expositor

WILLIAM BARCLAY, world-renowned New Testament scholar, was Professor of Divinity and Biblical Criticism at the University of Glasgow. He was the author of many books, including The Lord's Supper; Letters to the Seven Churches; In the Hands of God; Great Themes of the New Testament; The Promise of the Spirit; The Men, the Meaning, the Message of the New Testament Books; and the New Testament volumes in The Daily Study Bible series.

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