SECRETS OF JESUIT BREADMAKING by Bro. Rick Curry, SJ ($18.95)*

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The author presents some 80 recipes for bread, "along with anecdotes about the Jesuit community, the history of the order, and prayers and blessings." (Libr J) Index.

From the Publisher
Bread baking has been a Jesuit tradition since the order was founded in 1534 by Ignatius Loyola, who begged bread for the poor. Now Brother Rick Curry, S.J., shares this rich tradition by offering eighty of the best recipes passed down among Jesuit Brothers from generation to generation, interwoven with Saint Ignatius's teachings about the spirituality inherent in simple everyday activities. This is a rare jewel of a book that combines practical how-to advice on making bread with wonderful insights on bread baking as a profoundly satisftying and soulful exercise.

From the Critics
From Maya L. Kremen - San Francisco Review of Books
According to Brother Rick Curry, S.J., the way to a Jesuit's heart is through his stomach. . . . Brother Rick relays a history of the Jesuit Order, then shifts to the realm of bread. He offers tips on baking and stresses the importance of bread in the Jesuit tradition. . . . Brother Rick places bread recipes extracted from Jesuits all over the world next to snippets of inspirational prayers and short anecdotes about Jesuit traditions. The combination is meant to induce a homegrown flavor (I feel like I've got a Jesuit right here in my own kitchen!) but what results is a slickly packaged cookbook with a religious bent, and its authenticity seems forced. Despite a promising foreword by Laura Esquivel, {the book} does not achieve a true harmony of food and spirit, though the Apricot Orange Cranberry bread does look like it would be hard to give up for Lent.

From Library Journal
Curry, a Jesuit brother and founder of the National Theater Workshop of the Handicapped, has also gained a reputation as a bread baker. His unusual, often absorbing book presents 80 recipes of all sorts along with anecdotes about the Jesuit community, the history of the order, and prayers and blessings. Some of the recipes are Curry's own, several are the daily breads he made as a novice, and many come from other Jesuit brothers and priests from Italy, Ireland, Mexico, and other countries. The recipes are good, and Curry writes well and engagingly; most baking collections will want this.

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