VESTMENTS WITH CROSS, CUP AND WHEAT from Harbro (with free shipping)

70.00 59.95 On Sale!

Stoles are available for either priest/minister or deacon in green. Also available as a Chasuble (in Off-White or Green) or Dalmatic (Green only).

Prices are as follows:

  1. Priest/minister's stole (Green only): $74.95 (list: $85)(H629);
  2. Deacon's stole (Cross and Cup design only; no wheat)(Green only): $59.95 (list: $70)(H529);
  3. Chasuble: $184.95 (list: $195)(H829);
  4. Dalmatic: $184.95 (list: $195)(H929D);
  5. Dalmatic with underlay stole: $114.95 (list: $225)(H929D);

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