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This book contains texts for forty-five contemporary hymns on a wide variety of topics such as biblical stories, hymns about the church, and hymns connected to seasons and special occasions in the church year. Each hymn appears on a separate page and one or more traditional, or well-known tunes is suggested for each text. The hymns are followed by a commentary section in which Gillette provides interesting background for each hymn she has written.

Gillette's beautiful and inspiring hymns have received tremendous attention and widespread use in presbyteries, women's gatherings, local churches, and synods. The volume contains a full range of indices, making it usable in Christian Education settings, retreats, conferences, and church music programs.

A listing of the included hymns follows:

1† Your Word Is Like a Lamp, 0 Lord† (The Bible and Prayer for Illumination)
2† God Made the Heavens and the Earth (Creation and Environmental Stewardship)
3† Spirit of God (Holy Spirit)
4† Long Ago, God Reached in Love (Covenant and Salvation History)
5† God of the Women (Biblical Women and Ministry)
6 Gifts of Love (Ten Commandments)
7† Sing Out! Sound the Trumpets! Proclaim Jubilee!† (Jesusí Ministry in Luke 4)
8† Blessed Are the Poor Among You (Beatitudes in Luke)
9† In Cana at a Wedding Feast (Jesusí Miracles)
10 Godís Great Love Is So Amazing! (Parables of Lost Sheep, Lost Coin, and Lost Son)
11† When You Are Praying (Jesusí Teaching on Prayer)
12† Mary Heard the Angelís Message (Maryís Story)
13† I Believe (The Apostlesí Creed)
14† Our God, We Are a Church Reformed (Faith in the Reformed Tradition)
15† God of Generations (Church for All Ages)
16† Welcoming God (Inclusive Church)
17† Hear My Prayer for Unity (Christian Unity and Jesusí Prayer in John 17)
18† We Thank You, God, for Teachers (A Hymn for Christian Education)
19† O God, in Your Love (Inclusive Church)
20† There Is a Mighty Question (Jesusí Second Coming and First Sunday of Advent)
21† God, We Await Your Advent Here (Advent & Simpler Living)
22† What a World of Sound (Christmas)
23† In a Feedbox, in a Stable (Christmas)
24† God, What a FaithFilled Mystery (Good Friday and Atonement)
25† Early on a Sunday (Easter)
26† Creator of the Water (Baptism)
27† We Gather at Your Table, Lord (Lordís Supper)
28† God, We Sing and Worship (Confirmation)
29† God, in Joy We Gather (Wedding)
30† God, We Walk Through Deathís Deep Valley (Funeral)
31† God, Your Blessings Overflow (Thanksgiving)
32† Our God, We Sing and Celebrate (Church Anniversary)
33† For This Land in All Its Wonder (Hymn for the Nation)
34† God, How Many Are a Thousand (New Yearís Celebration)
35† On This Day of Celebration (New Yearís Celebration)
36† Christ Be with Us (Mission, Lordís Supper & Church Unity)
37† The Storm Came to Honduras (Support for Relief Work)
38† A Prayer for Our Children (Lament and Prayer about Violence & School Shootings)
39† When Did We See You Hungry, Lord? (Dialogue based on Matthew 25:3146)
40† God, Your Gift of Peace Is Precious (Peacemaking)
41† What a Joy, This Habitation! (Dedication of a Habitat for Humanity Home)
42† God, You Love the World! (Mission Trip Dedication or Closing Hymn)
43† Come, You Hungry Ones (Service of Wholeness and Healing)
44† God, How Can We Comprehend? (Refugees)
45† God, You Wrap Your Love Around Us (Church World Serviceís Blanket Sunday)

Also included:†††††
††††††† Commentary on the Hymns
††††††† Index of Biblical References
††††††† Index of Tunes
††††††† Metrical Index
††††††† Topical Index
††††††† Index of First Lines and Titles

Carolyn Winfrey Gillette is a Presbyterian minister and co-pastor with her husband of the First Presbyterian Church of Pitman, New Jersey. Her hymns have appeared in many journals, including The Presbyterian Outlook.

Purchase of this book includes the copyright permission to use the hymns in a local church.

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