WHEN THE POWERS FALL by Walter Wink ($12)

AUGS: 0-8006-3127-7

Repressive authoritarian regimes are falling and fragile new democracies are emerging around the globe. How are long-standing conflicts and deep divisions to be healed and enemies0D reconciled without breeding further injustices?

To answer this question, Walter Wink here applies his compelling analysis of "the Powers," as they appear in the New Testament, to the global scene. Surveying the wrenching religious and ethical dilemmas involved in transitions from despotism to democracy, Wink neatly summarizes key concepts from his Fortress Press trilogy on the Powers, including sections on "Jesus against Domination" and "Nonviolence." He then shows how central concepts in the teaching of Jesus can clarify true and false ideas of forgiveness and reconciliation and apology--without sacrificing justice. The personal, political, and geopolitical pertinence of Wink's ideas shines in his discussion of specific situations in Africa and Latin America.

And what of the churches? "Jesus" proclamation of God's domination- free order," Wink claims, "provides a framework for dealing with the role of the churches in helping nations move from autocracy to democracy. Far more is at stake than merely an orderly transition to a more representative form of governance: such moments in history open up to heavenly potentials. . . . In such times, it is the vision of God's domination-free order that prevents us from acquiescing to unworthy visions, or accepting political compromises as anything more than temporary pauses on the path to fuller justice."

Wink's new work demonstrates the power, promise, and practicality of Jesus' ethic of nonviolence for today.

1. Against Domination
The Reign of God
Jesus against Domination
Economic Equality

2. Reconciliation
What Is Reconciliation?
True and False Forgiveness
Reconciliation as Process

3. Issues of Reconciliation
Truth and Impunity
The Place of Apology

4. Toward Democracy

About the Author: Walter Wink is Professor of Biblical Interpretation at Auburn Theological Seminary in New York City.

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