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Teachings of Pope John Paul II: Takes an intimate look at the life and work of the most influential figure of the 20th Cenry. This multimedia CD-ROM touches the heart and mind with material that is uplifting for the whole family. The home schools, Religion teachers, scholars, students, Priests, Nuns, the catholic lay and families will find this CD-ROM fits beautifully into their faith formation.

Karol-The Life. In the small Polish town of Wadowice, just 30 miles south-west of Krakow, a boy named Karol Wojtyla came into the world. The first sounds he heard were the chanting praises rising from a 650-year old church of the Holy Virgin Mary. This was the beginning of a Marian devotion that would develop this infant into the modern day pope we follow today. This pope, the first from Poland, had experienced more before he became a priest in his 26th year than one might imagine.

This CD-ROM explores Pope John Paul II's youth through his episcopacy in Poland. It also includes the work of John Paul II, a pictorial biography covering his tenure as head of the Universal Church including his words. We have also included selected audio addresses of Pope John Paul II.

All of his Encyclicals, and a great number of general audiences, homilies, and other addresses, each linked with Sacred Scripture allowing instant access to related materials.

This great CD-ROM is created for the education of Catholics and to spread the messages of Pope John Paul II. Learn how his Saintly life has been manifested in the work of God. They are our modern day teachers guiding us to salvation, they are a gift from God showing us the way. Take advantage of this chance to learn from Pope John Paul II.

Thousands of hyper-links enable you to quickly move from The Words to references in the Vatican II documents and in the Holy Bible-Revised Standard Version: Catholic Edition.

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