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In her book Reaching for Rainbows, Ann Weems revealed a graceful style, a joyous approach to worship, and an uncommon, understanding of human beings in their everyday settings and in their relationship to God. Now, the popular author offers a powerful and inspiring statement on what she considers her greatest inheritancea sustaining faith. She reflects on her family, from the Scottish ancestors who came to this country seeking religious freedom, down through the generations to her own children.

The way in which we live out our faith becomes our faith story to the world. When the stories are that we are feeding the hungry or visiting the imprisoned or comforting the sick or fighting racial prejudice or working against an oppressive economic order . . . , we are telling faith stories."

FAMILY FAITH STORIES is an unusual, beautifully written book. Ideal for devotional reading, it combines sensitive reflections on religion with fascinating glimpses of American church history.

Ann Weems, writer, speaker, liturgist, and workshop leader, is the author of Kneeling in Jerusalem, Searching for Shalom, Kneeling in Bethlehem, Reaching for Rainbows: Resourcesfor Creative Worship, and Psalms of Lament.

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