PREACHING PROVERBS by Alyce McKenzie ($19.95)*

WJK: 0664-25653-8

Proverbs, both biblical and contemporary, offer effective toos for conveying messages with impact. Alyce McKenzie shows how to reclaim these powerful tools for today's pulpit.


Table of Contents

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Introduction: The Preacher as Sage
1Wisdom Is Vindicated by Her Deeds: What Makes Proverbs Work3
2With the Judgment You Make: What Proverbs Do10
3No Good Tree Bears Bad Fruit: How to Create Sermons on Proverbs17
4The Wise, When Rebuked, Will Love You: Biblical Proverbs That Create Order27
5Increasing Knowledge Increases Sorrow: Biblical Proverbs That Subvert Order41
6All Who Exalt Themselves Will Be Humbled: Jesus' Subversive Sayings59
7No Fear, Just Do It: Contemporary Proverbs79
8The Proof Is in the Pudding: Preaching Proverbs That Create Order103
9Set for the Rise and Fall of Many: Preaching Proverbs That Subvert Order127