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Joseph Cardinal Bernardin is believed by many to have had more impact on the Catholic Church in the United States than any other bishop this century. By the time of his death in 1996 he had attracted the respect and affection of millions of people around the world. Selected Works of Joseph Cardinal Bernardin provides in two volumes the "essential" Bernardin for those interested in the faith, ecclesial vision, and pastoral insights of this great Church leader. The first volume includes his homilies and teaching documents. The second volume, Church and Society, is at the very heart of the Cardinal Bernardin's teaching ministry with selected talks on the six areas that are most often associated with his name: peacemaking, consistent ethic of life, religion and society, health care, Catholic-Jewish dialogue, and the Catholic Common Ground Initiative. This volume also contains addresses on such favorite topics of Bernardin's as ecclesial vision and mission, evangelization, Catholic education, religion and spirituality, pastoral ministry, and pastoral outreach.
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