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Life will never be without loss. Announcing itself either subtly or abruptly, it comes in many forms -- from a sudden death to a gradual decline in health to a close friend moving far away to a child leaving the nest. No matter the loss, it must be mourned. In Seasons of Goodbye, Chris Ann Waters guides people coping with loss through the cycle from grieving to letting go, using the seasons of the year as a guide.

Four chapters, each representing a season, illustrate the natural cycle of loss and recovery: Autumn represents dramatic change, Winter a time to remember and be still, Spring the restoration of hope and the anticipation of growth, and Summer the serenity of acceptance and renewed purpose.

Waters also suggests writing -- something as simple as recording moments of anxiety or insight -- as a creative path to healing. Writing helps people look inside themselves and validate their feelings. It offers a safe haven for the exploration of the anger and sadness a personal loss so often inspires. In Seasons of Goodbye, Waters encourages writing as a means to help people explore those feelings and move toward acceptance of a new reality. Seasons of Goodbye provides strength and restores hope in times of loss. Waters helps people balance their grief with recognition that the seasons, the cycle of life, invite change and personal growth.

From the Publisher

From losing a loved one, to losing a job, to moving to a new city, our experiences of loss can bring confusion, turmoil, and change. In Seasons of Goodbye, Chris Ann Waters tells us that new feelings must eventually be faced if we are to move on.

Anyone who has experienced loss will appreciate the insight and suggestions offered here. Seasons of Goodbye will give the reader the courage to say goodbye to yesterday and the strength to say hello to tomorrow.

Chris Ann Waters, a nationally certified bereavement facilitator and Hospice volunteer, helps patients and their families with transition issues. A public speaker and workshop leader, Waters offers her wisdom for families involved in Hospice care. Also a poet and artist, Waters is the author of Walking Toward Easter, A Lenten Devotional. In 1998, she received the New Jersey Governor's Volunteer Award for Benefiting Youth for her work at Camp Lost and Found, which helps children who have lost a loved one come to terms with their grief. Waters lives in New Jersey.

Losses take many forms. In addition to physical death, the loss of a friendship, a home, a breast, a job, a pet or good health are all reasons to grieve. Endings of all types of relationships with people, places and things challenge us. Finding strength and restoration is the hope and goal for those who grieve. This book was written to help others help themselves reach that goal.

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