SIXTY-SECOND STEWARDSHIP SERMONS by Charles Cloughen, Jr. ($14.95)

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To encourage stewardship in your parish Sixty-Second Stewardship Sermons assists pastors in developing a theology of stewardship and provides guidelines on how to construct stewardship sermons. Charles Cloughen, Jr., also offers over 140 stewardship sermons written by outstanding stewardship leaders from the Catholic Church and other denominations to be picked up or to serve as inspiration in writing new sermons. These sermons may be incorporated into the regular sermon at Mass or printed in the bulletin but are primarily designed to stand alone and be given at the time of the Offertory.

In many Christian churches, an awkward moment comes before and during the Offertory. Many clergy ignore this moment to teach and miss the chance to continue stewardship education at an opportune point in the service. The Offertory and the time used in preparing the elements for Communion are a natural lead-in to stewardship education.

Stewardship is thanksgiving. It is giving thanks for all God has given us: all of our time, our talents, and our treasure. Stewardship is how we manage our entire lives and includes what we give back to God. The future of our churches depends on instilling in the present and future generations of church members the importance of giving generously of time, talents, and treasure to God's work. Sixty-Second Stewardship Sermons offers a way to share the concepts of stewardship with church members.

Each sermon is cross-indexed in the appendix. Sixty-Second Stewardship Sermons also includes sermons in Spanish.

Contributors are Georgia Anderson, Greg Bowden, Joseph M. Champlin, Pheobe L. Coe, Catherine Coghlan, Roy A. Cole, W. David Crockett, Chris Deets, Leonard DeFiore, Sandy Ferencz, Elinor R. Ford, Amelia J. Geary, Eugene J. Gerber, Marcel Gervais, Michael J. Gorman, Rose Marie Hennessy, O.P., Sharon Hueckel, Robert Ihloff, Fred Kammer, S.J., William Cardinal Keeler, James Keleher, C. L. Longest, James V. Matthews, Thomas McGread, Mary Morgan, Robert F. Morneau, Fred Osborn, Matthew R. Paratore, Ricardo Ramirez, C.S.B., Ronald L. Reed, Catherine A. Ritter, Sylvester D. Ryan, Francis “Dutch” Scholtz, Andrew A. Simone, Terence T. Thompson, Robert Vitillo, Francis W. Wright, C.S.Sp., and Tim Wright.

The Rev. Charles Cloughen, Jr., is a parish priest, was the National Representative of the Episcopal Church for the Second International Catholic Stewardship Conference in Rome in 1998, and has written other works on stewardship.

". . . a valuable resource for pastors and stewardship committees . . . provides a rich variety of insights into stewardship from bishops, priests and lay leaders who live and promote stewardship as a way of life. I highly recommend it."
- Francis N. Scholtz, Director of Stewardship, Diocese of St. Augustine

"Exactly what the title announces: a collection of short sermons on stewardship by different people, with instructions on how to construct them. . . . I was glad to see a focus on children and the concepts of sharing and giving."
- The Living Church

"Spiritual amnesia is a dangerous disease. We need to be reminded time and time again of our call to be stewards of God's many gifts. These sixty-second sermons urge us to respond to that call."
- Bishop Robert Morneau

"Our people need to be taught the concepts of stewardship in a consistent and spiritual way. Father Cloughen has provided an excellent resource for pastors to do that."
- Edward Laughlin, Director of Stewardship, Diocese of Palm Peach

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