PARABLES FOR PREACHERS by Barbara Reid, OP ($19.95)*

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In the Synoptic Gospels, Jesus never explains his parables. Yet Sunday after Sunday preachers are asked to open up the meaning of the parables to their congregations. How can a preacher avoid offering pre-masticated fruit? How can the one who opens up the Scriptures do so in a way that enhances their savory, without ruining the power of the story? How can a preacher offer fresh fare when the same parable appears time after time in the Lectionary? In Parables for Preachers Barbara Reid explores the answers to these questions.

The purpose behind Reid's work is two-fold. First, to aid preachers by bringing together current biblical research on the parables in the hope that it will open up new vistas of meaning and help spark their creativity. Second, she offers an understanding of how parables communicate, and invites preachers to try out the parabolic techniques of preaching. The Synoptic Gospels show Jesus preaching primarily by means of parables, both spoken and lived. A greater understanding of the dynamics and meaning of Jesus' parables in their original context can aid preachers today in creating the same effect in modern believers.

In Parables for Preachers the first chapter explores the dynamics of Jesus' parables. Understanding how a parable "works" is the first step. Chapter two sketches contemporary trends in biblical interpretation of the parables. Next is an overview of the each of the gospels, its author, historical context, and major theological themes. The remaining chapters examine each of the parables found in the gospels in the order in which they appear in the Lectionary for Years A, B or C. The concluding chapter and bibliography point toward further areas of study.

Parables for Preachers is not only for preachers, but for all who are interested in a deeper understanding of parables, particularly teachers, catechists, liturgy planners, and members of groups for homily preparation, Bible study, or faith sharing.

Barbara E. Reid, O.P., Ph.D., is assistant professor of New Testament studies at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago. Her scholarly interests center on Luke-Acts, Paul, and feminist interpretation of Scripture. In addition to the Parables for Preachers series, she has published Choosing the Better Part with The Liturgical Press.

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