PREACHING FROM THE MINOR PROPHETS by Elizabeth Achtemeier ($16)*

EER: 0-8028-4370-0

Elizabeth Achtemeier, respected preacher, teacher, and author has written Preaching From the Minor Prophets: Texts and Sermon Suggestions in order to provide clergy with tools to preach from the twelve books of the Old Testament Minor Prophets in ways that make the message of the prophets relevant to congregations today.

Achtemeier follows a standard outline when discussing each of the twelve Minor Prophets. First, she lists recommended commentaries that have been written about the book under consideration and then offers a brief summary of the historical context of the prophetic book necessary for writing a sermon. This is followed by a treatment of the theological context of the book, outlining the prophet’s thought so that individual passages can be understood. Finally, for each prophet, there is a section dealing with selected texts, and for each of these chosen texts, Achtemeier highlights their linguistic and rhetorical features and suggests sermon titles designed to arouse the interest of a congregation. She also provides a homiletical exposition of the text intended to stimulate preachers in developing their own sermons.

An excellent guide to the books of the Minor Prophets, this volume is unique for its theological depth, presented in clear and simple language for clergy and laity alike.

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