OUR FATHER by A. J. Cardinal Simonis ($14)

EER; 0-8028-4675-0

The Lordís Prayer has for many centuries been central to the religious practice and spirituality of both Catholic and Protestant Christians all over the world. Besides encompassing the whole of the Christian gospel, the Lordís Prayer is also a steadfast source of devotional inspiration.

In Our Father the Archbishop of Utrecht reflects on the continuing power of the Lordís Prayer to enrich faith today. After exploring the meaning and purpose of prayer generally, Cardinal Simonis turns to the Lordís Prayer itself, carefully considering each of its petitions. Drawing often on the witness of Christian tradition for help in elucidating them, Cardinal Simonis also uses the various petitions as a springboard for reflecting on the nature of the Christian life as well as on issues ranging from sexual morality to economic accountability and ecological responsibility.

Enhanced with texts of historical prayers and poems, Our Father is an uplifting, readable introduction for new and mature believers seeking deeper insight into the Lordís Prayer.

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