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The writings of St. Francis of Assisi are shot through with powerful prayers and praises, frequently based on the words of Scripture, and always poignantly aware of the sacredness of life rightly dected toward God. The "little poor man" was from the time of his conversion consumed by devotion to God and a desire to serve him in humble obedience.

These inspirational prayers, praises, and meditations taken from the writings of St. Francis still speak powerfully to Christians today. While St. Francis's life remains colored by myth and legend, his own words reveal a penetrating spirituality that has brought - and still brings - millions of men and women face to face with the love of God. Including an introduction by the Rev. Canon David Ford and a short biography of St. Francis'; life, this volume provides an excellent entry into the faith of St. Francis and will enrich the devotional life of all who read it.

"Praying with St. Francis is a delightful thing to do. His prayers and praises are full of the joy of the Lord." - REFORM

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