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It was said of Saint Teresa of Avila that she could find God ‘so easily among the pots and pans'. She was so accustomed to hours spent listening to God that there was no place where God's voice was not readily available .... The great contrast between her life of contemplation and the life of the average woman today could make praying with Teresa an intimidating process. Yet, as we read these prayers, we begin to realize how far that is from the case. There is no spiritual elitism in what Teresa writes. There is deep awareness of the overwhelming goodness of God, who has blessed her with such riches. There is a wrestling with her own failings and need for forgiveness. There is an awareness that she, like each of us, is on a spiritual journey and has not yet arrived. There is the recognition that even her strength to serve God comes not from herself but from God alone. These are not the private experiences of a distant saint but are fundamental truths about the lives of all believers." - ELAINE STORKEY (from the foreword)
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