CHRISTIAN WORLD OF C. S. LEWIS, THE by Clyde S. Kilby ($12)

EER: 0-8028-0871-9

C. S. Lewis was one of the twentieth century's foremost Christian authors - at once a scholar, a teacher, a social critic, an amateur yet profound theologian, and an apologist. This study of his writings provides a perceptive and illuminating guide to readers who may be unacquainted with Lewis; a help to those wishing to understand him better; and an evaluation for those who want a survey of his works as a whole. Clyde S. Kilby examines Lewis's Christian works one by one, compares them with each other and with books by other authors, and discovers and elucidates the themes that recur throughout the main body of Lewis's writings.

"For anyone who wishes to make a profound study of Lewis . . .this book will henceforth be the indispensable starting point. It is a model of reasonable and balanced judgment, and it is invariably readable." - Chad Walsh

"Summarizes admirably not only Lewis's Christian writings but also the shaping influences in his life." - Library Journal

CLYDE S. KILBY, professor of English and curator of the Lewis Collection at Wheaton College, is editor of Lewis's Letters to an American Lady and A Mind Awake and is coauthor of the highly acclaimed C. S. Lewis: Images of His World.

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