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Christians throughout the ages have confessed, "I believe in the Holy Spirit." However, the Holy Spirit has often remained a shadowy figure, relegated to the fringes of many Christians' faith. Or, more recently, with the rise of the charismatic movement, the Holy Spirit has been the subject of heated controversy.

In this revised edition of his popular book, Michael Green traces the doctrine of the Holy Spirit through the Old and New Testaments and then addresses the particular issues that attract so much attention today, especially the relation of the church to the Spirit's work and the baptism, gifts, and fullness of the Spirit.

The fundamental conviction behind this book is that the Holy Spirit is a Spirit of unity: the Spirit wants all Christians, "charismatic" and "noncharismatic," to work together in a relationship of mutual love and trust. Besides incorporating various additions and minor alterations to the text, this edition contains an entirely new final chapter on the future of the charismatic movement.

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