DYING FOR A DRINK by Alexander DeJong & Martin Doot ($12.50) *

EER: 0-8028-4622-X

Foreword by Martin E. Marty

Dying for a Drink recounts the powerful story of one pastor’s successful journey of recovery from the disease of alcoholism. After twenty years of sobriety, Alexander DeJong talks openly about his longtime struggle with alcoholism—his descent into heavy drinking, his shame and his fears of discovery, and his growing understanding of the disease through his family’s support, group therapy, and the care of a Christian physician.

Balancing the personal narratives of Alex DeJong and his wife with professional insights from Alex’s treating physician, Dr. Martin Doot, the book helps readers understand the social, medical, and psychological elements of alcoholism. Each of the chapters also includes questions for discussion and reflection.

Sensitive, honest, and caring, Dying for a Drink is a valuable resource for churches, counselors, health-care professionals, and individuals and their families who are struggling in the grip of alcoholism.

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