EVENING WITH GOD: Thoughts and Prayers As We Get Older by L. Goossens & A. Klamer +

FP: 0-8199-0755-3

"We have more time for prayer as we get older. When we were younger we always had so much to do and so many things to think of. Our time was so much more fully occupied. Now life has become much quieter. We have time to reflect. Whether we choose to or not, we find that we have to place our innermost needs before God every day and, together with him, look for a solution to our problems.

"For many of us, however, it is difficult to find the right words to describe our situation, express our gratitude, or make our longings known. Many of us have never really learned how to pray. We feel helpless and embarrassed when we try to address God. Our thoughts and feelings desert us. We need a definite idea that will touch off something inside us that will help us to pray.

"The older we get, the more difficult prayer often seems to become. Sometimes it fails altogether and we feel barren and empty, tired and disappointed. We can say nothing. Our only comfort at such times is the knowledge that Jesus is always praying for us, that he is with us and in us, and that the Father hears his prayer.

"All the same, it is most important to try to keep in touch with God as we get older. All our lives we are on the way toward God. That is why we should have already become intimate with God in prayer during our lives, before we reach the end - the fulfillment - toward which we are moving.

"Prayer, however, is not simply repeating fine words. Prayer is life itself. It is responding to God. It is following Christ in the apparently insignificant moments when doing God's will has to be made a reality in the everyday events of our lives.

"The thoughts contained in this book and the references to the situation in which older people find themselves are therefore not intended simply to provide a point of departure for prayer and reflection. They should also be used to help us live together with God. In this way, the whole of life can become prayer, and we shall learn to pray without ceasing." - from the Foreword by Dr. L. A. M. Goossens, Chief Naval Chaplain, ret. and Rev. A. Klamer, Ecumenical Radio Chaplain

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