PATHS OF LIFE, THE by Ernest Ferlita,SJ ($9.95)

ALBA: 0-8189

Combining a contemplative approach to his subject matter with a poet's mastery of the language and the pragmatist's grasp of the struggle to live the faith in a postmodern world, the author brings to these brief reflections something of the power and the mystery which underlies our hope as Christians in the saving work of Christ. The Gospels, as always, challenge us but they also provide us with the tools we need to find the answers which we seek. Father Ferlita throws light on what may have been obscure and encourages us to grasp what heretofore we have been unable to reach. His words transparently reveal the prayerful as well as the thoughtful approach which went into the composition of these meditations which will be helpful to the minister and lay person alike as they prepare themselves for each Sunday and Holy Day celebration.

About the Author: Father Ernest Ferlita, SJ, received his Licentiate in Sacred Theology from St. Louis University in 1964 and a Doctorate in Fine Arts from Yale i n 1969. That same year he joined the drama faculty of Loyola University in New Orleans and has been teaching there ever since. During that time he has often preached in university and parish settings but mainly in the chapel of the Poor Clares, for whom he has served as chaplain for many a year. He has written several books, including two of scriptural reflections, The Way of the River and Gospel Journey. One of his plays, The Mask of Hiroshima, was published in Best Short Plays 1989.

Available for each year of the three year lectionary cycle. Also sold as a set as follows:

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