WAKE UP AND PREACH! By James F. Finley,C.S.P. ($5.94)

ALBA: 0-8189-0492-5

The "children of this generation" are waiting to hear "the good news," the message first proclaimed by Christ. Al/of those working in the service of Jesus, THE Preacher of the Word, have been and continue to be challenged to--Wake Up and Preach! In this eminently practical little book on preaching, the author comes to the aid of those who have responded to the Lord's call to spread the Gospel of the Kingdom by offering various ideas that need to be considered before, during and after one has "broken the Word" for the people of God. The author summarizes al/ that he discusses in thirteen commandments or precepts for preachers, which cover the basic essentials for reaching today's congregation with their various levels of age, background and education. His one wish is to aid preachers in achieving excellence in this very important dimension of their life and ministry so that they may truly become (in the words of Alfred P. Graves) "the powerfulest preacher, and the tenderest preacher, and the kindliest creature" they can become--an apt description of Christ and those who follow in His footsteps.

FATHER JAMES F. FINLEY, a member of the Paulist Fathers, is currently stationed at their novitiate in Oak Ridge, New Jersey, where he tutors the novices in homiletics. He brings to his instructions, and to Wake Up and Preach! almost 40 years of experience in the preaching apostolate. The creator of the Sunday Mass Mission, a format for the spiritual revival of a parish that has become the basis for much of today's parish mission effort, Father Finley has written extensively on the techniques of preaching and composition for various homiletic and liturgical journals. While on the New York Mission Band, Father Finley, with Father John Reynolds, presented the famous Paulist technique of the Dialogue Mission on the NCCM's Catholic Hour for two seasons over NBC Television and gave two series of radio talks on the Catholic Hour in the U.S.A. and Canada. Father Finley has conducted countless missions and retreats in his lifetime, served as Vicar General of the Paulist Fathers, founded the Paulist Public Relations and Communications Department and has been pastor and superior of the community's foundations in Boston. Author of James Gillis, Paulist, a biography of the distinguished Paulist lecturer and editor, Father Finley has published more than a dozen pamphlets and a book of verse. His short stories, articles and poetry have appeared in a number of Catholic and secular magazines.

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