PAUL'S PASTORAL VISION by William F. Maestri ($12.95)

ALBA: 0-8189-0556-5

Problem-solving through technological control over our environment has not produced the happiness expeded by those who longed for the day when God would become a useless illusion. For every problem solved, a new one has risen to challenge us afresh. We remain an enigma even to ourselves. Wonder and mystery continue to surround us and we are still looking for answers. Jesus alone provides satisfactory insights into the meaning and truth of our lives. His pastoral approach --as exemplified by the life of St. Paul and expounded on in his pastoral letters -- is the model for the Church today. In this latest of his books, Fr. Maestri discusses at length the question of leadership in the Church, the role of tradition and teaching, the moral life, vocation and ministry (a crisis of confidence and enthusiasm), and the pastoral mission of the Church to the world (with insights taken from liberation theology). A thoughtful, provocative and timely study.

Aboul the Author: The author of A Priest To Turn To, Mary, Model of Justice, A Word in Season, A Time for Peace, A Time to be (Re)Born, and Choose Life and Not Death, Father William F. Maestri is a priest of the archdiocese of New Orleans. He presently teaches philosophy at St. Joseph College seminary, is chaplain at Mercy Academy and a teacher of medical ethics at Charity Hospital. He is likewise involved in parish ministry at the church of Sts. Peter and Paul and is a regular contributor to Pastoral Life magazine. This is his

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